British Red Cross - Services Available in Scotland

A representative of the British Red Cross recently met with Senior Manager of the Community Solutions Programme and VANL Staff Member Gina Alexander, to discuss the remit of the services available in Scotland from British Red Cross. Below is a detailed list of those services.

  1. Door step delivery (food, essential items & medication)  This can either be for those how can afford to pay for their shopping or for those unable to we can offer one of financial support to buy food on behalf of the individual or send them a voucher to do their own shopping.
  2. Cash Assistance is usually used for those in fuel poverty again this is a one of payment and is achieved using pre load cash cards that can be redeemed at local outlets for anything including fuel top ups.
  3. Volunteers, we can either send volunteers direct to an organisation or group who need a bit of support under their direct coordination or we help with the coordination, briefing, management etc.
  4. Distribution, we can coordinate the wider distribution of goods.  We currently distribute PPE to nursing homes & care facilities across the highlands for NHS Highlands
  5. Support to Flu Clinics, currently in Glasgow & Mid Lothians we are helping at the flu clinics with registration, sign posting within the clinic, managing the queues and some emotional support for those attending
  6. Signing Posting to other services. I am currently working to increase our knowledge of what support is available so we can get better at directing people to the best support out there.

To help focus some of their efforts and planning they have a Vulnerability Index they can use to help identify area which will have the greatest impact from the pandemic which can be used with their Unmet Needs Platform to help show what additional assistance might be needed or is unmet.

They also have a number of other services available to partner agencies.  The Independent Living Services work with Social Work & NHS to help keep people at home, avoid hospital admissions, hospital discharges etc.  Red Cross Mobility aids service will provide wheelchairs within a matter of hours/days to those who need one. Ambulance Support can provide support to local NHS and our Refugee Service will support those seeking asylum, along with Restoring Family Links to help trace & reconnect those separated from family.

For further information on the British Red Cross and contact, please visit