Child Services Partnership (CSP)

The CSP is the partnership initiative which supports improvements in services for children, young people and families. The CSP strategy is underpinned by the Scottish Government Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) framework. The Third Sector Children and Families Network are currently reviewing how its members can engage more effectively with the CSP, which includes a Partnership Board, several thematic working groups and locality groups.

CSP is undertaking a review of support for GIRFEC. They want to know how well 'Getting It Right for Every Child' has been embedded into our practice here in North Lanarkshire, where there are any gaps and what needs to be improved. It does not matter if you are new to North Lanarkshire, been working or living here most of your life or do not work directly with children. You can give your views here:

CSP is also supporting the expansion of childcare support. Families with young children attending private/independent/voluntary nurseries or using childminders in North Lanarkshire are now entitled to almost double the hours of early learning and childcare their children currently receive.

The development of early learning and childcare is part of a Scottish Government policy to provide all three and four year olds, and eligible two year olds, with an increase in free childcare from 600 hours to 1140 hours a year by 2020.

1140 hours will become statutory across Scotland from August 2020.

The Scottish Government has confirmed that the council will receive £38million from 2020 in revenue grant funding to support the delivery of the 1140 hours programme.

It will give parents more flexibility in their choice of childcare services, meaning they can choose from council-run, private/independent/voluntary nurseries or childminders.

Children will also be entitled to a nutritious meal. The council's facility support services could support private/independent/voluntary nurseries and childminders who do not currently offer this service.

Parents and carers will be encouraged to apply for their early learning and childcare placement towards the end of the year. To support the plans, the council is proposing to build nine new nurseries as well as adapting seven existing facilities.

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