Community Solutions Manager - Gina Alexander

Hi there, it’s me again!

It was great to be able to share information about Carers Week 2020 last week, and just to sign off I’d recommend the Research Report which was published.  You can read a Scotland wide summary on pages 29-31.  Well done to our Carers organisation colleagues for doing some very visible work over the last week and every week!

I am now in my 7th week in the Community Solutions Programme Manager role – it’s unbelievable!   I have been nothing short of astounded by what has been going on across NL.  I have always believed in the collective power of the community and voluntary sector (CVS) in caring for communities from within.   The CVS response in North Lanarkshire is beyond inspirational.   Add to that, the renewed and reinvigorated partnership working between CVS organisations and statutory services in meeting the challenges we’ve been presented with in the last few strange months and it feels like we are really making the most of the silver lining that has accompanied this bleak pandemic.   It is great to see the sector receive recognition of the value and service it contributes.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller


I shouldn’t really be surprised: I have long been aware of North Lanarkshire trailblazing around various things in the years I’ve spent in and around the voluntary sector, health & social care and social enterprise    Most recently, I worked with NHS Lanarkshire and  Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire (HSCNL) in their use of Care Opinion as one of the ways health and care services can listen to and take into account the voices of people who use services and carers in improving and developing services.   So, I am no stranger to North Lanarkshire, and now I am in the fortunate position of being part of a very successful programme, Community Solutions, which is at the forefront of community led health and social care initiatives in Scotland.     I want to thank everyone I have met so far, there are a lot of you, for a warm welcome and I am looking forward to being part of your continued success.

Take care, stay safe