Fair Start Scotland Evaluation Report

In 2015, the Scottish Government undertook public consultation to develop a new approach to delivering employment support services. The consultation response was called ‘Creating a Fairer Scotland: A new future for employability support in Scotland’ which laid the foundation for the design of new services that were devolved to Scotland in 2017, having previously been delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) across the UK. A year of transitional services followed, during which the Scottish Government worked with Service Providers and partners to successfully implement Work First Scotland (WFS) and Work Able Scotland (WAS).

Fair Start Scotland launched on 3rd April 2018, and aims to help at least 38,000 people towards and into employment, including those facing barriers to entering the labour market. The key focus for the service is to provide tailored and personalised support for all those who participate; to provide a service in which participation is voluntary so people have a choice on whether they want to engage. The Scottish Government commissioned six different Fair Start Scotland Service Providers across Scotland who will deliver services across nine geographical areas until March 2023. North Lanarkshire service providers include Remploy and Enable.

This first Fair Start Scotland evaluation report identifies initial areas of success and improvement across the first six months of service delivery (to Sept 2018). The report highlights the actions being taken to improve current delivery and longer term development and design. The report summarises findings from research conducted by Rocket Science UK Ltd. Methods of research included interviews and online surveys with Fair Start Scotland Service Providers and key delivery partners such as Jobcentre Plus (JCP) and DWP. It also reports on findings from participant focus groups and an analysis of management information undertaken by Scottish Government analysts. Find the report here: https://www.gov.scot/publications/fair-start-scotland-evaluation-report-1-implementation-early-delivery-review-june-2019/pages/1/