North Lanarkshire Partnership (NLP) – Community Planning

NLP partner organisations have been supporting a review of community engagement over the last six months, including VANL.  A report with recommendations to improve community engagement is expected soon and VANL will share this across the Community and Voluntary Sector for comment.

VANL is now working with North Lanarkshire Council Communities Team to organise the Community Matters meetings. The most recent meetings were held in Sept. 2019 with a focus on tackling poverty.  Participation by local residents was relatively low so VANL will be working with NLC colleagues to explore ways in which this can be increased over time.

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NLP partners, including VANL, participated in a strategy review meeting in September 2019 at which it was proposed that:

  • NLP partnership groups should be restructured around the five themes of the Plan for North Lanarkshire – Live, Learn, Work, Visit and Invest
  • eight town and area hubs should be established to support community engagement, supported by regular Community Matters Meetings.

VANL will be liaising with NLP partners and the community and voluntary sector to clarify how the community and voluntary sector will be represented on the five thematic groupings and link into the town and area hubs. 

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