P4P - Collaboration Toolkit Launch

P4P Collaboration Toolkit Launch

The P4P Collaboration Toolkit and online survey, sets out in step-by-step guidance, the information and resources required for social enterprises and other third sector organisations thinking about and/or looking to form partnerships and consortia. In turn this supports organisations to access more of the investment currently being driven through the public procurement market.  


Organisations can use the guide to track their progress and as a checklist. It has been prepared with three phases that follow the typical lifecycle of a collaborative project. 


The online survey can be used by organisations to self-evaluate progress. Once you submit your responses the P4P team will generate an Excel report and dashboard. You can then complete a follow-up survey at any time thereafter to measure distance travelled. 


Angus Hardie, Director, Scottish Community Alliance, said "P4P is a fantastic opportunity for third sector organisations who want to access the public procurement market but currently feel at a disadvantage - either because they don't have sufficient scale or the internal capacity to complete the tendering process. By providing the right kind of specialist support, P4P aims to correct a longstanding imbalance in the public procurement playing field." 


P4P support; as included in Scottish Government’s Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy and three-year action plan, includes: an ongoing programme of engagement,1-1 tendering support, events on collaboration, and promotion of the benefits of partnership and consortia working as well as a series of online tools, which will include templates; guidance documents, case studies; as well as other key learning points. 


P4P has been developed in partnership with Social Firms Scotland, Scottish Community Alliance, Co-operative Development Scotland and led by Senscot to: 


“support smaller, locally based third sector organisations and social enterprise(s), open to the idea of partnership working, cross sector / geography collaborations and consortia to respond effectively to, emerging commissioning / procurement opportunities - aimed at informing and designing ‘better’ local services, scaling up and/or delivering more”. 


Will Tyler-Greig, Head of Social Enterprise, Social Innovation, and Social Investment at the Scottish Government said “Social enterprises are businesses that trade for the common good, with profits reinvested in a social or environmental mission.  I’m delighted that, as part of Scotland’s new 10-year Social Enterprise Strategy, the P4P team will work with social enterprises and others right across Scotland, helping to support new partnerships and increasing the sector’s ‘readiness’ to bid collaboratively for public contracts.”       


Securing greater public sector investment for the third sector and social enterprise through procurement opportunities is the aim of P4P, which will deliver on three key priorities set out in the action plan to: stimulate social enterprise activity, develop stronger organisations and realise market opportunity.  


P4P believe partnership working and collaboration can help your organisation deliver new or improved services, diversify your income, enable your organisation to achieve a wider geographical reach and give you an opportunity to learn from each other and network.  


You can access the toolkit on the P4P resources page


For more information about the range of support and information available for Partnership for procurement (P4P) visit:  www.p4p.org.uk