Volunteer Support at the North Lanarkshire Summer Community Hubs

Throughout the Covid-19 health crisis, North Lanarkshire Summer Community Hubs provided an essential service for children, young people and families.

The nine hubs were supported by staff from Culture and Leisure NL (CLNL), Community Learning and Development, Volunteers and Active Schools.

Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire, in partnership with Culture and Leisure North Lanarkshire, supported the hubs by recruiting volunteers to assist within the hubs. The volunteers played their part in enabling North Lanarkshire Council to provide essential childcare to thousands of children and young people, allowing parents working in the frontline of essential services, including the NHS, to get to work. At the height of the pandemic, the hubs provided support seven days a week to 31,645 children of key workers.

Volunteers were an essential part of providing this support and for many it gave them an opportunity to give something back to their community during the pandemic.

As a result of a Scotland-wide call for volunteers to help during the Covid-19 pandemic via the Ready Scotland website, 1,700 volunteers pledged their time and talents in response and over 500 volunteers completed VANL’s registration process and were matched to a variety of Covid-19 specific opportunities. VANL would like to say a big thanks to everyone who registered or gave their time during this period of the pandemic.